Timber Development

Block and Road Location for various harvest systems including:

  • Ground skidding
  • Horse logging
  • Hoe-chucking
  • Highlead
  • Grapple Yarding
  • Skyline
  • A-frame
  • Hand logging
  • Helicopter

Block and Road Location for the following silviculture systems:

  • CCR
  • Variable Retention
  • Shelter wood
  • Patch Cut
  • Modified Patch Cut
  • Diameter Selection
  • Large Aggregate Openings
  • Appraisals and Cutting Permit Applications
  • Visual Assessments
  • Riparian Assessments
  • Terrain Assessments
  • Windthrow Assessments
  • Gully Assessments
  • Wildlife Assessments
  • Cultural Heritage and Resource Inventory Assessments

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Our Company

Tyhee Forestry Consultants Ltd. is a diverse consulting firm which provides a broad range of services to the Resource Sector.  For each project we undertake we dedicate a team of committed Resource Professionals tailored to meet the specific project requirements.